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Salon Policy


We ask that you contact the salon if you’re over 10 minutes late for your appointment. Should you arrive late, we will do our best to hold your reservation and accommodate you, but if you do not let us know, your appointment will be considered a walk-in.



We can repair your nails or answer any questions you may have for free if you call us and schedule an appointment. We provide a seven-day guarantee on acrylic nail, including gel polish, breakage if the nails were too thin when first enhanced at our salon, or any issues related to the application during the appointment/service. This includes nail repairs resulting from excessive force (damage caused by blunt force, nail fractures, bleeding nails), as well as nail enhancement disfiguration (biting, filing down your fingernails at home).

Whenever you notice any issues with your nails, feel free to contact us immediately so that we can accommodate your next visit. Charges will be applied to any issues brought up after the 7-day period.

We are always willing to assist you if you encounter any problems with your services.



Clients who work primarily with their hands should avoid regular polish, as it takes a long time to dry and chips easily. There are two options with a regular manicure: regular polish or no polish. Wear time will vary depending on the client’s lifestyle.

Maintaining nail hygiene for clients.

Nail polish can be easily removed with acetone for clients who like to change colors frequently.

For clients who need some time away from nail enhancements.

Designing on regular polish is not recommended. To have designs on your nails, please choose Gel Manicures or nail enhancements (dip/acrylic).


(Also known as Shellac, Gel, Soft Gel)

Regular nail polish only stays on for a couple of days, but gel polish stays on for up to 21 days. An LED/UV light is required to cure it. Gel polish dries instantly, so there’s no chance of messing up the service once it has been completed. How long gel polish lasts depends on your daily routine.

Clients who do not want their nails lengthened or enhanced artificially but would like the color to last on their natural nails.

Gel polish dries instantly after your service, so you won’t have to worry about messing up the polish afterward.

Acetone is used to remove the gel. To maintain the integrity of your nails, we individually wrap each finger with foil and cotton to limit exposure to acetone

You can do free hand art on gel nails.

Gel nails cannot be coated or ombre.


(Also known as Full Set, Refill, Color Powder, Overlay)

Acrylic is powder. This is applied with a brush containing a small powder bead and liquid monomer (the purple liquid) at the tip. Cuticle trim + hand massage can be added for an additional charge.

Clients who wish to wear long nails or do a lot of designs.

Acetone must be used after acrylic application to soak off the natural nails.

Acrylic powder requires a longer removal time due to its durability.

Acrylic nails can be refilled if they are durable and in good condition.

Acrylic nails can be refilled depending on the durability/integrity of the current set.


(Also known as SNS, NextGen)

The powder used in dip powder enhancements is finer than acrylic powder. A special resin is used to apply the powder. The client dips their finger in the powder to coat their nail with the enhancement. Cutting the cuticle and adding tips for length are not included as standard with a dip powder enhancement. An additional charge may be required for these services.

For clients who want to grow out their nails while still having a protective layer over them.

Nail surfaces are covered with thin layers of powder that make them tougher and less likely to break.

Due to the thin coverage of the powder, this product is not recommended for clients who like wearing their nails long.

Ideally suited to clients who wish to keep their natural nails but wish to prevent them from splitting or breaking.

Acetone must be used to remove

No refills are allowed for dips. Removing the set and re-doing it requires us to completely re-do it.


Our technique for eliminating nail enhancements is to immerse them in acetone. In order to guarantee a comfortable removal experience, the acetone bowl will be kept warm using a towel to ensure both hands can be soaked simultaneously. We will individually cover each finger with aluminum foil and cotton for gel removal on natural nails to guarantee a speedy and simple removal process. We will not use nail tips or tools to remove your current nail enhancements.


At the end of every pedicure, we sterilize all metal tools, including foot files and pushers, by soaking them in Barbicide for their recommended time and then sterilizing them with our dry heat autoclave machine. We sterilize our massages with the Barbicide by soaking them for the recommended time and then sterilizing them with our dry heat autoclave machine. We offer a variety of pedicures, from simple to luxurious.

We offer an Express Pedicure if you want an efficient pedicure that requires little maintenance and is gentle. The Signature Deluxe is the best option if you want a lot of massage time and require additional care with your pedicure, including scale and exfoliation.


At no extra cost, square, rounded square, and round shapes are provided for ‘regular shaping.’The almond, coffin, ballerina, stiletto, tapered/narrow square, and narrow oval shapes require certain lengths for proper shaping and are therefore included for an additional charge. Because these shapes are difficult to make, they may cause permanent nail bed damage if the nail is not long enough. Our prices range from $5 to $30, depending on how long the nails are. Length charges are relative because each person’s nail bed is unique and not based on a set price for nail length. The length of the nail must be proportional to the amount of material used, and the time it takes to mold it into the correct shape.

*A length charge may still be applied to acrylic refills even if the original length was used at the beginning of the appointment. As the nails grow more extended, more time will be spent correcting shape, adding thickness to the apex and tips, and correcting structure if the nails curve due to their length.*


Aside from abstract art, free-handed painting, encapsulation, ombre, and so on, we have many talented technicians. You can browse our Instagram at @milanonailspahumble for inspiration pics or send us a photo of the design you would like. To get a quote on the design, please send us a direct message on Instagram or Facebook.


Come see us if you need a nail repair or have any nail issues. We provide a 7-day nail repair guarantee that covers chipping, breakage, and other issues in addition to gel/polish damage done at our salon. This does not include nail repairs resulting from excessive force (such as nails that are broken and bleeding as a result of blunt force) or disfiguring caused by biting or filing one’s nails at home (such as biting or filing one’s nails).

Please get in touch with us as soon as you notice any issues with your nails so we can prepare for your next visit. If you can’t come in within 7 days to fix your nails, we will charge you for any issues brought up after that time.

Please contact us for any issues with your services as we are always willing to help.